World Environment Day 2019: “Air Pollution”

This Environment Day, let’s get really big stuff done for our planet.

We are now entering the 46th year of a movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action for the sake of protecting the environment of our mother Earth.
In 1973, the year of first Environment Day, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-five years later, we continue to lead with groundbreaking ideas.
And so it begins. Today. Right here and right now. Environment Day is more than just a single day — June 5, 2019. It’s bigger than attending a rally and taking a stand.
From this Environment Day on wards let’s make big changes. Let’s plant 7.8 billion trees for the Earth. Let’s divest from fossil fuels and make cities 100% renewable. Let’s take a strong action to curb the illegal trade of wildlife products that are threatening the biodiversity of our precious planet.
Let’s start now. And let’s not stop.


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