Meeting with “Carex of Sweden”

AECL’s M.D. and Director madam had joined a meeting with “Carex of Sweden” at Copenhagen, Denmark on 14th November, 2018 for conducting feasibility study on “Ecosystem solution for treatment of wastewater and reuse of water in Bangladesh”. The feasibility study also included a pilot project for the treatment and recycling of domestic sewage.
Wastewater treatment is a major concern in developing countries, and finding a solution has proven difficult due to a variety of unfavorable conditions.
Inadequate education and a lack of financial resources make it difficult to implement
advanced treatment methods.Bangladesh, like other developing countries, is dealing
with a number of water-related issues in both the urban and rural areas.To address the issue of water scarcity waste water reuse after treatment could be widely promoted.
Date:14th November, 2018
Venue:Copenhagen, Denmark


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