Consultancy Service on ETP (Ongoing)

AECL installed largest number of the Effluent Treatment Plant during last ten years in Bangladesh. A group of engineers working in AECL are affianced for R&D of ETP. Recently AECL formed a Joint Venture with GreenTech Resources Ltd. (GTRL), UK to supply State-of-Art ETP in the industry, which is the latest technology, energy efficient, consume less space & manpower. Following are the ongoing ETP project of AECL-GTRL:
1.Jalalabad Metal Ltd.
2.Clifton Cotton Mills Ltd.
3.Ventura (BD) Ltd
4.HR textile at Savar, Dhaka.
5.Dacca Textile Ltd. at Mymensingh. (Dyeing and washing)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment (ETP)Ongoing Project

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