Consultancy Service on IEE, ESIA, EMP & RAP (Ongoing)

AECL is a pioneer in the field of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Resettlement Plan (RAP). The list of the ongoing services in that sector is presented below:
1.55 MW Gas Power Plant Project at Fenchuganj, Sylhet
2.EIA and Feasibility Study for Bangladesh Power Management Institute (BPMI) Construction Project at Keranigonj, Dhaka.
3.IEE,EIA,SIA and Disaster Impact Assessment (DIA) including FRA of 15 MW HFO based Power Plant at Hatiya.
4.Site Screening, IEE of Anlima 450 MW (Net) Capacity Gas/ R-LNG Based CCPP project at Meghnaghat.
5.Site Screening, EIA,SIA Including RAP , & Disaster Impact Assessment (DIA) including FRA of 300-400 MW Super Critical Coal Based Power Plant at Munshiganj for EGCB.
6.IEE,EIA and SIA of the construction of 3×600 MW gas based combined cycle power plant by replacing existing B-type residential area 2×600 MW gas based combined cycle power plant by replacing Unit 1-5 of APSCL.
7.Third Party E&S Monitoring of Ghorasal Polash Urea Fertilizer Project (GPUFP) with SRK Consulting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.
8.Health, Safety & Environmental Monitoring Report for Ashuganj 400 MW CCPP (East) of CNTIC- CCOEC Consortium at APSCL.
9.Third Party Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant for Environmental Safeguards (Package # BRWTP-S12/3) under the Project titled, "Bangladesh Regional Waterway Transport Project 1 (Dredging in Chittagong-Dhaka-Ashuganj IWT Corridor along with associated linked routes and construction of terminal with allied infrastructure).

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA & EIA)Environmental Management Policy (EMP)Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)Ongoing ProjectResettlement Action Plan (RAP)

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