CERDI Bangladesh

Live To Ensure Better Life

CERDI Bangladesh, a Nonprofit, Non Government Organization (NGO), nonpolitical and nonracial organization has been formed to work for the alleviation of poverty, illiteracy, vulnerability of women, human rights, sanitation & safe drinking water program, advocacy about STD/HIV program, protection of cultural heritage of various communities & tribes, disaster management program etc. CERDI Bangladesh gives special attention to the pollution in environment and researches to find out the cause and the effective way of preventing pollution.

CERDI Program


In order to attain the goal CERDI Bangladesh has been operating different integrated programs, which embodied:

  • Research on low cost and sustainable environmental management program for industries.
  • Research on profitable environmental management application for medium and small industries.
  • Education, Training and Awareness Program Community Approach & Mobilization.
  • Employment & Income generating program Women empowerment & Child Rights program.
  • Research on minimization of noise, air and water pollution from various sector.

CERDI Bangladesh works with school going children for primary health care awareness, house hold & urban environmental pollution etc, CERDI Bangladesh also engaged with various research program with different educational institutions & various industries.

Ongoing Projects


Following are the brief account of current on going projects / programs of CERDI:

  • Profitable Environment Management for the industries.
  • Environment Awareness building through school students.
  • Recycling of Textile Waste Water to primary process.