Industrial Wastewater Treatment (ETP)

AECL successfully introduced local technology based Wastewater Treatment plant in Bangladesh in 1997. This technology is very cost effective in terms of chemical consumption, energy efficiency and space consumption. Since last ten years AECL has installed large number of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) in different industries of Bangladesh. The activities involved the design, construction supervision, commissioning, monitoring after commissioning and training for company staffs regarding the operation & maintenance of ETP.

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Recent Development of AECL in ETP

AECL has been successfully implementing effective biological treatment in the ETP which doesn’t generate any sludge or uses chemicals. So, the treated water from the ETP is very polished and the discharged water quality is much lower than the Bangladesh standard for inland surface water.

The major advantage of this biological ETP is that the clarity of the treated water is very good compared to conventional ETP which helps the industry to go for tertiary treatment (recycle & reuse) easily without having major problem of membrane fouling and minimal rejection rate. Even the client can reuse the water after Nano & Ultra filtration (controlling the rejection rate to 50%) in which the rejection water parameters should be below the Bangladesh DOE standard for discharge into surface water body, so, there is no need for evaporation.

Completed ETP List

1.Taufika Group (Lovello Ice-Cream)
2.East West Suiting Milles Limited at Nobinagar, Savar.
3.Sepal Washing Plant Ltd.
4.Colossus Apparel Limited (Unit-2)
5.Harvest Rich Ltd. (Dyeing and Garment Washing Unit), Bolta, Narayanganj.
6.Abedin Textiles Ltd., (Dyeing Unit), Savar, Dhaka.
7.Sparrow Apparels (Garment Washing Unit), Gazipur.
8.Denim Plus (BD) Ltd. (Garment Washing), CEPZ, Chittagong.
9.SM Knitting Industries Ltd. (Dyeing), Shirirchala, Gazipur.
10.Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd. (Printing & Dyeing), Tongi, Gazipur.
11.Kazipur Fashions Ltd., (Textile Washing), Kalshi, Mirpur, Dhaka.
12.Abul Khair Steel Mills Ltd., Vhatiary, Chittagong.
13.Lotus-Kamal Knitting Ind. Ltd., Savar, Dhaka.
14.BRAC Dairy and Food Products, Gazipur.
15.S.Suhi Industrial Park Ltd., Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.
16.Bally Yarn Dyeing Ltd., Vhaluka, Mymensingh.
17.Adib Dyeing Mills Ltd., Sripur, Gazipur.
18.Everway Yarn Dyeing Mills Ltd., Tongi, Gazipur.
19.Dong Bang Textiles Ltd., Kaliakair, Gazipur.
20.Sepal Garments Ltd, Tejgaon, Dhaka.
21. ALTEX Industries Ltd., Rupganj, Narayanganj.
22.Mega Yarn Dyeing Mills Ltd., Savar, Dhaka.
23.Haesong (BD) Corporation Ltd, Kaliakair, Gazipur.
24.Mark Terry Ltd., Ashulia, Svar, Dhaka.
25.Crown Mills (BD) Ltd., CEPZ, Chittagong.
26.Mahmud Denims Ltd, Shafipur,Gazipur.
27.Concorde Knitting & Dyeing industries Ltd. Shafipur, Gazipur.
28.Hwa well Textile (Bd) Ltd., Myminsingh.
29.Abcott Industries Ltd.
30.Danish Condensed Milk Ltd.(Unit-1 & 2).