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Welcome to Adroit Environment Consultants Limited.

The company started the business in the name of ADROIT ENGINEERS in 1997. Adroit Engineers entered in the field of consultancy with a variety of skills backed by sound knowledge and experienced team effort with open mind to new innovative ideas and modern concepts. Later, the company registered in Joint Stock Company as "Adroit Environment Consultants Ltd." (AECL). AECL personnel are well experienced in environment sector integrated with latest technology.


1Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (IEE, ESIA, EMP & RP)

AECL is a pioneer organization in Bangladesh to prepare Environmental & Social Impact Assessment for different sectors. AECL has prepared more than 100 EIA & ESIA reports since the last 15 years period. In recent time, AECL has conducted some ESIA report which comply the Environmental & social guideline of IFC/WB. Environmental Impact Assessment General procedure of conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Existing Baseline....

2Environmental Monitoring (Visual and Laboratory Analysis)

AECL has a fully equipped environmental laboratory having the facility to analyze all types of water, air and noise quality parameters. AECL is providing monthly/quarterly environmental monitoring in different industries in different parts of Bangladesh. The activities cover the stack emission, ambient air, weather, water, noise quality and work place environment monitoring for different parameters. For your query related to Environmental Monitoring and Laboratory....

3Water & Wastewater Treatment (WTP)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment: AECL successfully introduced local technology based Wastewater Treatment plant in Bangladesh in 1997. This technology is very cost effective in terms of chemical consumption, energy efficiency and space consumption. AECL installed largest number of the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) in different industries since last ten years in Bangladesh. The activities involved the design, construction supervision, commissioning, monitoring after....

4Cleaner Production & Energy Efficiency, Energy Audit & ISO 14001

Adroit Environment Consultants Ltd. has in house capacity to undertake environment and energy audit for any project to develop Environment Management System (EMS) and achieve ISO14001. We provide our clients energy efficient solutions for cleaner productions to make the best use of their resources and get the best environment friendly output products. Environmental Audit is done in 2 categories: Walk Through Audit Detail Audit FGD and Stake Holder....

5Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable sources for energy production will continue to be of great importance for the supply of the energy demand. AECL jointly with Greentech Resources Ltd. is working on renewable energy solutions in Bangladesh. There are many options available for renewable energy production but AECL has worked on two options so far: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Energy, and Solar Energy MSW in Bangladesh has two important characteristics:  Low heat content 770-1440....

6Environmental Awareness and Education

Training Program/Workshop/Seminar: AECL offers different short Training Courses round the year. The training courses are conducted by our regular experts/engineers as well as expatriates from different Organizations and Universities in the globe. AECL has started this training aiming to create awareness among the industry people, waste management practitioners, Government & non-Government professionals, NGOs, students and general public working in the field of....